Red Barn Theatre

The Red Barn Theatre at the junction of State Highway 48 and County Trunk M is visible evidence of the things that country folks treasure ---enterprise, cooperation, hard work, and native talent. It's natural that grass roots theatre should flourish here, nurtured in a community where the arts are loved. While one's attention goes initially to the structure, a theatre is, first of all, people---the ones who desire dramatic art in the community, the ones who want to perform, the support staff of backstage workers, and the management to assure the theatre's continuation.  Talent abounds and arrives from every walk of life and every age.  Professionals share the stage with students, farmers, housewives, clerks, teachers, artists, and musicians.  Summer people plan their vacations to attend or participate in Red Barn productions.

2247 22nd St, Rice Lake, WI 54868

(715) 234-8301