Tagalong Golf & Resort

Tagalong Golf Resort is located about 20 miles northeast of Rice Lake, in Barron County, Wisconsin. In the early 1920s, wealthy businessman Frank Stout, said to have been Chicago’s fifth-wealthiest man at the time, built a 9-hole course on the shore of lovely Red Cedar Lake, to go with his Adirondack-style family lodge (now Stout's Island Lodge). He built it for the private use of his family and guests. Private construction of the now-public course began in 1916. The course itself was intended to be a duplicate of St. Andrews. Fourteen miles of pipe were used to irrigate the greens and fairways. The course also features huge, elevated greens surrounded by deep, grass bunkers. As a gala to commemorate the opening of the course in 1925, the reigning U.S. Open and British Open champions, Willie Macfarlane and "Long Jim" Barnes, christened the course with a match. A second nine was added in recent years.

Fairway & Lakeside Condos for Sale

Our Bunkhouse is a six bedroom free standing home with large common areas and modern kitchen, all located off number 16 fairway.

Event Center

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